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I’m a Bank of Ireland customer, and use their online banking extensively. And it pisses me off regularly.

To transfer money from one account to another, you have to set up a ‘benificary’ on the site. The procedure was as follows; Enter all the details, then wait about 4 days for a letter to arrive in the post with a code to enter online.

Waiting for the letter to arrive means it takes ages to set up an account which is infuriating. That’s why I was delighted to see they’ve changed the policy when I logged in today, now instead of sending the code in the post, they’ll text it to you. Finally, they’re catching up with other banks online services. Great, saves loads of time.

So, I put in my phone details to register for the service. Now, to confirm my registration, they’re going to.. send me a letter.


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  1. AIB man, AIB is far better. They just send you a code card with 100 or so codes on it, then when you want to set up a beneficiary, it will ask you for a particular code from the card, you just enter it, and done! Works very well. I think that alone is worth switching from the only private banking institution left in the country, to one of the numerous tax-payer owned banks!


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