Some of the users.

For the 20th birthday of the Linux kernel, Microsoft have made a video wishing Linux happy birthday.

My first reaction to this? That’s pretty nice, at the end of the day, there’s no reason we can’t be friends just because of a difference of opinion on the best way to develop an operating system. In fact, I’m surprised Microsoft was relaxed enough to let this out, good on them.

The top comment on the Slashdot post about the video?

It begins with, “I read this as a slight against Linux…” and goes on to say..

I think the general philosophy that has clearly been reiterated by the Linux community is there is absolutely no room for trust in Microsoft. They are a convicted monopolist and have called upon everyone to view Linux as a cancer. They continue to use their patents to extort payment from large and small with bogus insubstantiated claims against Linux. They are the company that uses embrace extend extinguish. This animation represents the same underhanded intentions.

Do these people ever turn off?