Fianna FAIL!

As most people in Ireland know, the European and Local elections are coming up on June 5th.

It’s widely expected that Fianna Fail are going to take a shoeing this time around with satisfaction in the government sits at the atrocious level of 10% as of recent polls. Because of this, many Fianna Fail candidates are trying to disassociate themselves with the negative feeling associated with the party, how? Well, take a look at this Fianna Fail candidates election poster.

Can you spot the Fianna Fail logo. No? There. Down the very bottom. On the right. Tiny isn’t it?

Candidates seem to be hoping that people will miss the fact that they are part of the current government party. This is deceptive and negative and hopefully voters won’t be fooled by these crude tactics.

TL;DR – Fianna Fail fail at electioneering


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  1. Nathan Shaughnessy

    May 20, 2009 — 11:05 am

    Fianna Fail alright

    I don’t see them in the next government.

  2. The sooner they are out the better. Although I don’t think that Fianna Gael will be much better – but they will be better because that is not hard! I think that no government should stay in power for too long because power corrupts, and there are numerous examples of that around the globe. The more you think about polotics the more depressed you get 🙂

    • I agree, they were around for too long, and got complacent, then you end up with PPARS, the Electronic voting fiasco, and (expensive) tribunals coming out of their ears. To quote Enda Kenny yesterday, in relation to the current Mountjoy prison replacement issue – “You wouldn’t know value for money if it came up and bit the government in the face!”

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