Neteller – Use a Laser Card as a Credit Card

Now that I have entered gainful employment for my college work placement programme, my thoughts quickly went to deciding what I would buy with my wages. As a tech head, gadgets are generally top of the list, and the cheapest place to buy gadgets is online. With me so far?

The problem with wanting to buy online is that the majority of shops only accept credit cards, a luxury I do not have. I do however possess a Laser Debit Card, and while some Irish shops do accept this type of card, it leaves you painfully restricted as to where you can shop, and therefore you often end up paying more than you should.

Ah I hear you chime up, 3V vouchers! Basically, a prepaid Visa card from Permanent TSB. I have used these in the past, and they are good, and do the job nicely, if a little expensively. The problem I have with 3V cards is the hassle of having to find a shop that a) sells the things and b) has employees who actually know what the hell they are. If I could buy 3V vouchers online with a Laser card, they would be perfect. There must be a better way I thought.

Thats when I came across Neteller, Neteller are an Internet payment company, most popular for their gambling services, and were very popular with Americans looking to gamble online, which for some inane reason is illegal in most states.

neteller logo

I signed up to an account, not because I’m harboring a secret gambling habit, but because of the promise of their Net+ cards.

To my surprise, I then got a phone call from a very friendly and helpful Neteller rep, something one does not expect when signing up to an online service.

To use the Net+ cards, first one must prove ones identification by sending them a scanned ID over the net. I was very cagey about doing this at first, but after some research, I went for it.

A few days later, my account was ‘Extended’ which meant I could start using all their features, the process works like this,

1. I deposit money into the account by choosing the debit card option and selecting the ‘Maestro’ card from the dropdown box (I figured since my card has a Maestro logo on the back it was worth a go). The money comes straight out of my account, plus a 1.7% charge, which is, as far as I can see, the only charge levied against me.


Murray in the comments informs me that AIB laser cards only have 15 digits, and for that reason will not work with Netellers depositing function. Sorry guys, I don’t know of a way around it, BOI laser cards work fine.

Noel has pointed out that if your AIB laser card has 19 digits, you’ll be fine and can use Neteller no problem.

2. I pick the Neteller Net+ Virtual card option on the site, and it generates a Mastercard No, with an expiry date and security code

Screenshot of card

Screenshot of card

3. Jot the details into the website of your choice, all websites accept Mastercard, and the payment will appear on your Neteller account.

4. ????

5. Profit!

There you go, use a Laser card as a credit card without leaving the house, simple really.


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  1. Hey shanetuohy, You can get it for free! You don’t even need a Laser card. If you have a bank account you can just transfer funds to your Neteller account from your internet banking site. Internet bank transfers are free. I use it all the time. Instructions are on the Deposit tab when you log in to Neteller. They also have a desktop download version of the Mastercard which is cool too.

    • I just had a look at that, it seems like a great idea, but my bank is a little bit awkward with money transfers, I’m waiting for a confirmation code to be posted out to me, then I should be able to transfer money across for free. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Bummer, my laser card has only fifteen digits starting 6706. Neteller doesn’t recognise it. Its from AIB. Probably have to stick with 3V ๐Ÿ™

  3. My Aib laser card has 19 digits. And I’ve just signed up with neteller and it worked fine for depostiting .

  4. My ulster lacercard only has 16 digit, will it work?

    • First of all, does it have Maestro on it? If it does, there’s a chance. So far, 19 digit numbers all seem to work, but 15 digit one’s don’t. I have no idea about 16 digits, but it’s worth a try!

      If you try it, comment back here and let me know if it works.

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