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Waking up to new Ubuntu

Today Ubuntu 10.10 was released, at 10:10am. Last night I prepared my laptop for a complete reinstall, I took a backup of everything important from both Ubuntu and Windows, and prepared GParted and Windows 7 CD’s.

This took a while, so it was late when I went to bed. That left me with a conundrum, I wanted to install Ubuntu as soon as it came out, but I also wanted to sleep… Hmm..

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365 Online

I’m a Bank of Ireland customer, and use their online banking extensively. And it pisses me off regularly.

To transfer money from one account to another, you have to set up a ‘benificary’ on the site. The procedure was as follows; Enter all the details, then wait about 4 days for a letter to arrive in the post with a code to enter online.

Waiting for the letter to arrive means it takes ages to set up an account which is infuriating. That’s why I was delighted to see they’ve changed the policy when I logged in today, now instead of sending the code in the post, they’ll text it to you. Finally, they’re catching up with other banks online services. Great, saves loads of time.

So, I put in my phone details to register for the service. Now, to confirm my registration, they’re going to.. send me a letter.


Final Year Project Thoughts

So that’s it, done and dusted, final year is finished and with it my 4 year college degree.

The inspiration for this post comes from reading a similar post by my friend and former CompSoc compatriot Nathan Shaughnessy. You can read his blog post here.

Basically, there’s a few things that were nice to have in mind in relation to your final year project, and this is to pass them along to others that may be going through the same process soon. Read more →

Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 Release – Late Drama

As I’m sure many of you are aware, today is the official release date for the new version of Ubuntu, Lucid Lynx. The graphic to the right of this post idicates that the new release is “Coming Soon” where previously it counted down the days.

Well, the release was delayed at a very late stage, due to a show stopper bug found in the installation process. The bug can be found here –

Basically the problem was with the migration assistant which helps carry over settings from already installed OSes. If the migration assistant found some material to carry over to Ubuntu, the GRUB menu would appear without entries for the other operating systems on the PC. For new users of Ubuntu, this would be a scary experience as they’d believe that their other OS was gone. There are a couple of easy fixes, but it was decided that the best fix was for the new version not to ship until this bug was fixed.

The Ubuntu release team, wisely in my opinion, decided to respin the official ISO’s for Ubuntu 32 and 64 bit so that this bug is not present in the final release.

This means that the release has been delayed for a few hours, but will still happen at some point today (Apr 29th). By all accounts (watch
for up to date info) we’re not too far off an official release, so get your torrent clients ready, and please seed generously.

The iPhone 4G Debacle

Unless you’ve been completely off the grid in the last few days, you’ll have heard all about the iPhone 4G prototype that was left in a bar in Redwood City, California. The phone was found and subsequently sold to for $5,000. Gizmodo, a massive gadget news site, who’s posts frequently top 10,000 hits in a few hours, had to turn off their comment system because they were getting such a hammering.

The question that most people are asking is, is this the new iPhone?

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6 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

I just installed the beta of the new Ubuntu release, 10.04. As I usually like to do, I opted for a clean install and then set about doing all the things I usually do after a clean install. This time, I decided to document exactly what these things are so that other people can get their systems up and running smoothly. Hit the more button to see these steps. Read more →

How to move window buttons from left to right in Ubuntu 10.04

In the latest Ubuntu, the team have made the decision to move the window buttons (minimize, maximize and close) from the right to the left. I don’t agree with this change, so thankfully it’s not a difficult one to reverse.

To relocate the buttons back to their rightful place on the right, follow these steps. Read more →

Wow, just wow.

I occasionaly get asked why I am so hostile to religion. Well. It’s things like this that turn my stomach.

The leader of a religious cult was “outraged” when a 1-year-old boy did not say “Amen” before a meal and ordered her followers to deprive him of food and water until he died

I mean what the heck?! The cult is now defunct, thankfully, but this child should not have died. It is because of someones religious beliefs that this child suffered and died. Meaningless. It’s just sickening.

Full story here. More information available here.

Great Ubuntu Blog

Just a quick post here, if you use Ubuntu, there are a few places you can keep up with the latest news, most popular and often mentioned is Planet Ubuntu, which aggregates Ubuntu members blogs. It’s often a little too developer heavy and in depth for normal users.

I recently found a great blog solely for users, it highlights the latest updates and news about applications and is a great way to discover new cool apps, like Ubuntu Tweak, Docky, Gwibber and loads others.

That blog is OMG! Ubuntu!, I’m not a huge fan of the name either, but the content can’t be beat. It’s updated several times a day which is incredible, I never knew there was enough Ubuntu news to fill several posts a day!

Anyway, check it out, you won’t be disappointed –

My New Desktop

Since its exam time, of course I’m spending my time doing anything but studying. So, I’ve completely redone my Ubuntu desktop.

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