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Response to Letter to Dermot Ahern

Recently I sent a letter to the office of Dermot Ahern TD, expressing my concerns regarding the new Defamation Act and the articles contained referring to blasphemy. You can see the letter I sent here

After quite a long wait, apparently due to some email routing problems, I received a reply from Conor R. Savage, Private Secretary to the minister, who writes that….

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O2 Mobile Broadband – Strange Experience

I’ve recently moved into a new apartment for the summer months while I finish my work placement. The place is great, nice and compact, and about a 1 minute walk from work, sorted!

The cloud to all this silver lining is that the place had no tv or broadband. AGHH!! Terrifying I know!

After completing Halo 3 on heroic (using my computer monitor as a screen) we sorted out the TV, then set about sorting out broadband. Now I don’t expect to be living in the apartment I am in for more than a few months, so normal broadband isn’t really an option, I can’t sign up for a 12 month contract.

I had a look at the 3G mobile broadband options available around here and there were 3 options, O2, 3, and Vodafone. All weigh in at about 50 to 60 euro for the modem, and then 20 quid a month, or 30 quid if you’re looking at short contracts. Hmm, not ideal.

Luckily for me I then came across an offer that O2 are doing with HEAnet (Higher Education Associan NETwork) for college students. €13 a month on a 12 month contract, with the modem for FREE! Then, the real icing! €15 a month, on a 30 day contract that can be canceled at anytime! DING DING DING Jackpot!


Perfect, it’s only a measly 5GB of usage, but it should be enough for some lightweight usage. So off I went on my merry way to the local O2 shop in the centre of the city to sign up for this wonder deal, ID and proof of address in hand. I went up to the 8 foot tall shop assistant (seriously, the guy was huge!) and asked him about the deal. He was ready to get me signed up when he mentioned “€13 for 12 months”. Whoa!! Stop right there big guy, I want the one month contract thing! “That deal has been canceled since July”. “July?” I spluttered incredulously, “You mean in the last two days??”. “Yep” he replied and I left the store, heartbroken, not even giving the aspiring street artist clamoring for my attention so much as a nod.

As I reached my bike I realised I was standing outside another O2 shop, so I thought, I’d chance my arm, maybe they don’t know about the so called ‘canceling’ of this deal. One day (their computer system was down) and a couple of forms later, and I am now sitting on a 30 day contract with my free modem.Take that giant shop assistant.


This turn of events really shocked me, one rep in one shop said one thing, while in another shop, quite literally 50 yards up the road said another, and processed my application without any trouble. The mind boggles. I suppose the moral of the story is to shop around, even if the shop is a different outlet of the same company.

Anyway, the heel of the hunt is that I now have my mobile broadband and am looking forward to trying it out on my bus journey later. I might post a review on this site depending on my experiences


Volvo Ocean Race Stopover – Galway

I went down to the race village last night for the first time, to see the Hothouse flowers and generally get a feel for the place. I have to say, I’m very impressed. They’ve done a great job, it was a lovely evening and there were loads of people just milling about.

One thing I noticed, food stands. Everywhere. And we’re not talking just your usual burger and chips. Every stand had something different, pies, spuds, organic teas, anything you can think of. A great selection.

After seeing them on TV, my main priority was to take a look at the boats themselves. especially the green dragon. I got some photos too.

green dragon

green dragon

They are really impressive things the boats, and apparently loaded with tech.

Of course, there’s only so much looking at boats you can do (check out my flickr page for more photos) and we moved then toward the big main stage to see the entertainment, and the Hothouse Flowers put on a great show.

Hothouse Flowers

Hothouse Flowers

We then retired to a local establistment to consume some recreational beverages. But not before I took this photo of the Ocean Race boats’ masts with the moon in the background.



All in all, it’s a great event, the team behind it, Let’s Do It Galway have done a brilliant job in creating a real party atmosphere and something Galway can really be proud of.

Of course, 70% of people there have never set foor on a sailing boat in their lives, any old excuse for a party eh?

Fianna FAIL!

As most people in Ireland know, the European and Local elections are coming up on June 5th.

It’s widely expected that Fianna Fail are going to take a shoeing this time around with satisfaction in the government sits at the atrocious level of 10% as of recent polls. Because of this, many Fianna Fail candidates are trying to disassociate themselves with the negative feeling associated with the party, how? Well, take a look at this Fianna Fail candidates election poster.

Can you spot the Fianna Fail logo. No? There. Down the very bottom. On the right. Tiny isn’t it?

Candidates seem to be hoping that people will miss the fact that they are part of the current government party. This is deceptive and negative and hopefully voters won’t be fooled by these crude tactics.

TL;DR – Fianna Fail fail at electioneering