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Setting up a Windows partition to automatically mount on boot in Ubuntu

Quick one here, something I find myself doing every time I install Ubuntu on a dual boot machine.

1. Create your mount point, sudo mkdir/media/windows
2. Add a line to /etc/fstab, the one below is for a Windows HDD, with the main partition being sda2 (you can work this out by graphically mounting the partition through nautilus and then running df -h)

/dev/sda2 /media/windows ntfs-3g user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000 0 0

Save /etc/fstab then you can run mount /dev/sda2 to mount the drive. It should mount automatically at /media/windows from now on.

Waking up to new Ubuntu

Today Ubuntu 10.10 was released, at 10:10am. Last night I prepared my laptop for a complete reinstall, I took a backup of everything important from both Ubuntu and Windows, and prepared GParted and Windows 7 CD’s.

This took a while, so it was late when I went to bed. That left me with a conundrum, I wanted to install Ubuntu as soon as it came out, but I also wanted to sleep… Hmm..

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6 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

I just installed the beta of the new Ubuntu release, 10.04. As I usually like to do, I opted for a clean install and then set about doing all the things I usually do after a clean install. This time, I decided to document exactly what these things are so that other people can get their systems up and running smoothly. Hit the more button to see these steps. Read more →

Top 3 New Features in Jaunty

It’s that time of the year again, when we are treated to the latest Ubuntu release. As per usual you have all the latest Gnome packages and little tweaks here and there, but here are the 3 features I am most looking forward to.

1. New Notifications

Ubuntu now has a new notification system. you know, that thing that tells you when you are low on battery, change volume etc.

It looks lovely, really slick and smooth, but don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself, go ahead, I’ll wait…


See that??? Look lovely, can’t wait 🙂

2. Boot time improvement

One of the focuses of this Ubuntu release is to improve boot time, something Microsoft Vista could learn from..

This is a clever thing to focus on at the current time as more and more people are using netbooks and small MID devices, which don’t have the power of full PC’s, and therefore boot times can be painfully elongated. Ubuntu is clearly targeting these small form devices with the new release.

So is it effective? Well it appears so! I haven’t installed the beta onto my laptop, because of the bad experience I had last year so I can’t vouch for it, but it looks promising.

3.EXT4 support

This one has a friend of mine all a flutter, the main advantages of ext4 are that it can support volumes up to 1 Exabyte in size, and single files of size 15 terebytes. You may laugh and say that this is nonsense, but give it time till we have super de duper HD x4 and we’ll see file sizes get larger!

A directory can also contain more than 32000 entries, which was the limit in ext3

The main improvement is speed though, and if you really want the fastest possible Ubuntu experience, use ext4, you won’t regret it.

So thats it, roll on the 23rd!