As I’m sure many of you are aware, today is the official release date for the new version of Ubuntu, Lucid Lynx. The graphic to the right of this post idicates that the new release is “Coming Soon” where previously it counted down the days.

Well, the release was delayed at a very late stage, due to a show stopper bug found in the installation process. The bug can be found here –

Basically the problem was with the migration assistant which helps carry over settings from already installed OSes. If the migration assistant found some material to carry over to Ubuntu, the GRUB menu would appear without entries for the other operating systems on the PC. For new users of Ubuntu, this would be a scary experience as they’d believe that their other OS was gone. There are a couple of easy fixes, but it was decided that the best fix was for the new version not to ship until this bug was fixed.

The Ubuntu release team, wisely in my opinion, decided to respin the official ISO’s for Ubuntu 32 and 64 bit so that this bug is not present in the final release.

This means that the release has been delayed for a few hours, but will still happen at some point today (Apr 29th). By all accounts (watch
for up to date info) we’re not too far off an official release, so get your torrent clients ready, and please seed generously.