Wow, just wow.

I occasionaly get asked why I am so hostile to religion. Well. It’s things like this that turn my stomach.

The leader of a religious cult was “outraged” when a 1-year-old boy did not say “Amen” before a meal and ordered her followers to deprive him of food and water until he died

I mean what the heck?! The cult is now defunct, thankfully, but this child should not have died. It is because of someones religious beliefs that this child suffered and died. Meaningless. It’s just sickening.

Full story here. More information available here.


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  1. Saw this on Pharyngula. That’s pretty messed up. Makes me glad I’m GTFO of the Church soon.

  2. I am amazed that churches still exist … i`m not realy against religion but churches 😐 ….

  3. What I don’t like actually is the people who judge a religion based on actions of some stupid over-religious persons!
    The man is obviously sick, but it’s wrong, too, to be “hostile to religion” because of that( among other things).
    I’m a Muslim, I read about the religion a lot, do you think I find today’s bombings and killings of innocent people? absolutely not, that’s why I don’t judge!


    • In my mind there aren`t inocent people … we are all guilty of our governments deeds if you work and pay taxes then you are guilty because a fraction of the taxes go into “bullets” .
      If you don`t like what someone is doing try to stop it otherwise you are accomplice
      i`m not muslim but i wont condemn “muslims” for killing “christians” … it`s war everything goes … the winner will say what is wrong or right .
      But killing will never bring long term benefits.

    • If there weren’t normal religious people, there wouldn’t be over zealous religious people.

      Being religious is fundamentally a faith thing, it’s to believe something without any concrete evidence. That is generally fine as long as people don’t take everything in a particular holy text as completely accurate, but it opens the door for over religious people.

      Religious moderates make it OK for religious extremists, and that leads to people killing other people.

      • People kill for all kind of reasons 🙂 money , revenge ,women , pleasure , food , mental illness , you name it . religious killers aren`t different from soldiers . a killer is a killer the motif is what differentiate them and make them a hero or a criminal.

        Someone that kills to get some money is a criminal someone that kills the enemies of his society is a hero for that society.

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