Shane Tuohy

Feb 9, 2014

Using Sky Go in Linux

It’s been a good few months for me and Linux. One by one, all the reasons that I’ve kept a Windows partition around have disappeared. Football Manager now runs

Feb 5, 2014

Using the Zune HD in Linux

Contrary to a lot of advice on the Internet, the Zune HD can be used in Linux. Support has been integrated into libmtp for the mtpz protocol thanks to some awesome work by

Mar 16, 2012

PTC Grand Finals - Day 2

So on to day two of the PTC Grand Finals. Tonight’s post won’t be as long as last nights one because I didn’t get to go to

Mar 15, 2012

PTC Grand Finals - Day 1

This morning saw the start of the PTC Snooker Championships Grand Final take place in Galway. I’m covering the competition for FlirtFM along with Dave Finn and Aisling Crowe. Covering the

Oct 11, 2010

Waking up to new Ubuntu

Today Ubuntu 10.10 was released, at 10:10am. Last night I prepared my laptop for a complete reinstall, I took a backup of everything important from both Ubuntu and Windows, and prepared

Jun 29, 2010

Final Year Project Thoughts

So that’s it, done and dusted, final year is finished and with it my 4 year college degree. The inspiration for this post comes from reading a similar post by my

Dec 7, 2009

My New Desktop

Since its exam time, of course I’m spending my time doing anything but studying. So, I’ve completely redone my Ubuntu desktop. Now, I’m sure you are all

Aug 13, 2009

Response to Letter to Dermot Ahern

Recently I sent a letter to the office of Dermot Ahern TD, expressing my concerns regarding the new Defamation Act and the articles contained referring to blasphemy. You can see the letter I